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                December: Huizhou Civilized Unit.

                September: Mr. Chen was elected the first president of HNSSA.

                August: HDI BU run into production.

                January: Outstanding Award of China Patent.


                February: National Green Factory(MIIT)
                December: Secretary Li Xi visit Victory Giant Technology
                December: Chairman Chen was elected executive vice president of Huizhou Enterprises Federation and Entrepreneurs Association.
                August: The Top Fifty Listed Companies on GEM in China


                May: Chairman Chen served as the president of the Shenzhen Gansu Chamber of Commerce.


                December: National IP Advantageous Enterprise

                August: Ranked 389 among the Top 500 Guangdong Enterprises

                July: Awardered as Guangdong IP Benchmark Enterprise
                June: Became a Vice President of the Seventh Executive Committee of China Electronics Enterprise Association

                Received the Extraordinary Contribution Award for Ecological Guangdong  Propaganda.

                May: Passed GB/T29490-2013 System Certification

                March: Became a Vice Chairman of HZCPA

                January: Received the Energy-saving Contribution Award from National Energy Conservation Center

                Awarded as PCB Green Manufacturing Enterprise


                December: Awared as Guandgong Innovation Enterprise

                November: Passed ISO27001 Information Safety System certification

                October: Demonstration Base of Joint Master Degree Candidate Program of Victory Giant Technology and GD University of Technology

                June: Successfully listed on GEM at SZSE on 11th, stock code: 300476

                May: Victory Giant Technology has been passed GB/T29490 Intellectual Property Management System Certificate

                March: Became a Vice President of CPCA

                January: Awarded as Guangdong IP Advantageous Enterprise

                Became a Commissioner Workstation in GD


                August: Won the qualified title as Key High-tech Enterprise of National Torch program

                Honored with Excellent Entreprenuer in National Electronics Information Industry

                June: Won the qualified title as GD Enterprise Technology Center
                May: Obtained Second Class Prize for Huizhou Science Technology Award
                March: Rewarded as Huizhou Advanced Patent Application Enterprise

                Rewarded as Third Session of China Outstanding National Brand Enterprise

                January: Entitled as Municipal Enterprise Technology Center


                December: Rewarded as Benchmark Enterprise in National Electronics Information Industry

                Entitled as Third Session of CPCA Outstanding National Brand Enterprise
                November: Signed the Technical Joint Development Agreement with Ukraine National Technical University

                Awarded as Guangdong Benchmark Independent Innovation Enterprise


                December: Passed QC080000 System Certification

                Entitled as the Fifth Batch of Guangdong Innovation Enterprise

                November: Awarded as Huizhou IP Advantage Enterprise

                October: Established Provincial Engineering Technology R&D Center

                Awarded as Information Technology Pilot Enterprise in GD Manufacturing Industry of the 12th Five-year Plan

                September: Passed CQC Certification for the second time

                Became Industry Association Executive Member

                April: Awarded as GD Clean Manufacturing Enterprise by GD Science and Technology Dept.

                March: Applied to be the GD Processing Trade Upgrading Demonstration Enterprise

                Became Association Executive Member of Guangdong Science and Technology Magazine

                Became a Committee Member of Industry Association Science and Technology Committee and Standardization Committee


                December: Officially became the GD Outstanding Entrepreneur Direct Unit; chairman, Chen Tao honored with Outstanding Entrepreneur

                November: Established Municipal Engineering Technology R&D Center
                Applied to be the Fifth Batch of GD Innovation Experimental Enterprise
                October: Participated in Sino-Japanese Electroincs Circuit Fall Conference and International PCB Technology&Information Fall Forum.
                Entitled as Clean Production Partner Enterprise Of GD&HK
                Became the Industry Association Director Unit

                August: Established District Engineering Technology R&D Center


                December: Entitle as Huizhou Advanced Enterprise

                Honored with Provincial New High-tech Enterprise

                July: Passed  the OHSAS18001 certification and TS16949 certification

                March: Passed  the ISO14001 certification
                Joined in CPCA, becoming a member unit

                November: Victory Giant Technology (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. first passed CQC certification

                October: Victory Giant Technology (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. first passed ISO9000 certification
                May: The "ten billion park"project of first phase was accomplished and Phase I Plant has been put into use, with a monthly capacity of 50,000㎡


                December: The "ten billion park"project of first phase was under construction

                July: Victory Giant Technology (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. was established in Danshui Subdistrict, Huiyang District, Huizhou

                December: Shenghua Electronics (Huiyang) Co., Ltd. passed UL certificate

                March: Shenghua Electronics (Huiyang) Co., Ltd. was established in Maan Town in Huicheng District, Huizhou

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