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                NO.1 Corporate philosophy:

                      Winner of "scientific development, innovation and efficiency, harmony and win-win, build brand" business philosophy, to enhance the unity and cohesion of employees, the company's development strategy and vision for employees combine together to promote the company's development,embodied in the following aspects:

                     1. according to objective laws of scientific development is the development of science mainly refers to the operation of the scientific decision-making, which is to determine the basis for the success of business activities and key.Winner only to ensure scientific decision-making, in order to ensure the stable development of enterprises.

                     2. innovative and efficient business activities is the goal, and efficient meanings, one high efficiency, two high efficiency.Adherence to this principle is conducive to investment returns, input-output, cost-benefit maximization, companies can ensure stable development, so that the victory macro to maintain vitality and strong competitiveness in the market competition will always standinvincible.
                    3. harmony and win-win is a win macro to pay attention to people's initiative, and constantly enhance the centripetal force Winner, cohesion and core competitiveness.Accurately grasp the people-oriented content, for the win macro innovative development concept to guide the development of the times and social progress, managing the upgrading wins macros to develop, to respect people, caring people, rely on, molding, companies need are people, peopleis the key, no one is just business; companies rely on people, who are the main human activities in the Winner at the center; Winner man, who is the goal, do business ultimately is to meet people's needs.Focus on staff and Katsuhiro harmony.Staff responsible for the development of Winner, Winner of staff development help.Encourage their employees to focus on their personal wishes and visions height Winner unite in achieving ambitious goals wins while achieving personal values.

                     4. build brand: the brand is the banner of victory macro is an important basis for the survival Winner is Winner of intangible assets, which embodies the Winner's image.Winner of the well-known brand is a core competency, it can give a tremendous victory macro competitive advantage and economic benefits.In today's domestic and international competition in the market, well-known companies focus on creating their own brands to enhance core competitiveness, in order to gain more market share accounted for.Winner is a developing medium and large enterprises, has always been technologically advanced, heavy keep promise, renowned market.Today, Winner in the fierce market competition and development, we must vigorously implement the brand strategy, carefully crafted team wins macro brand, technology brand, service brand, relying on winning brand, establish a good image of yourself, open up the occupation external markets.

                Improve customer satisfaction,brand-name enterprisesto buildindustryCustomer Satisfaction,Innovative Creation,Leading industry development.

                NO.3Enterprise mission:
                1. seize the opportunity:full use of existingresources and infrastructure, to seize themarketopportunityand momentum,the flow,the PCBindustry bigger and stronger;
                2. the pursuit ofexcellence:with first-classequipment,first-class technology,first-class managementand first-class brandto pursuethe benefits;
                3. Customer success:Customer-centered, to provide customers with high-quality products and services for the purpose, to help customers win the market for the glory;
                4. thereturn to the community:with high-qualitybrand andplace of serviceto customer satisfaction;with greengrowtheconomic and taxfor the Governmentsatisfied;withattentivemanagement andexcellent corporate cultureemployee satisfaction;usingwell-knownreputationand highgainsfor shareholderssatisfied.

                NO.4Core values:

                Dedication, Integrity and Responsibility.

                NO.5 Conflict Mineral Policy

                Conflict minerals are designated for those minerals of tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold (3TGs) which originated in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) or adjoining countries, the profits from the sale of which allegedly finance continued armed conflictsin these countries.Victory Giant Technology(Hui Zhou)Co.,Ltd.takes this issue veryseriously and takes actions to address it.Our company will do not purchase conflict mineral from conflicting area. The suppliers will be required to refuse to use conflict mineral which is from conflicting area and issue commitment letter, and communicate this request to their suppliers.Our company will continue to take efforts with customers and suppliers to seek a sustainable solution to conflict minerals issue.

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