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                • Basketball game

                  Basketball game

                • Birthday party

                  Birthday party

                • Needy?worker support

                  Needy?worker supp...

                • Ring Shot Game

                  Ring Shot Game

                •  Managerial Personnel Travel

                  Managerial Person...

                • Managerial Personnel Training

                  Managerial Personn...

                •  Singing Contest

                  Singing Contest

                • Donate to construct the education

                  Donate to construct...

                • Common wealth activity

                  Common wealth ac...

                • Staff skills competition

                  Staff skills compe...

                •  Sheng Hong Lecture

                  Sheng Hong Lectu...

                •  Educational background promotion

                  Educational backgr...

                • Company Travel

                  Company Travel

                • Year-end Dinner

                  Year-end Dinner

                • Cycling Activity

                  Cycling Activity

                • Badminton Game

                  Badminton Game

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