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                There is no other productivity force more important than science and technology. The talent is the cornerstone of high-rises. For the long-run development, Victory Giant Technology (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. employes a human resources strategy of valuing, attracting and motivating talents and attaching great importance to HR management and development.

                The talent is the soul of corporate operation and development. Outstanding enterprises need the best talent. As the saying goes,"He who got the talent could win the world." On the initiative of Chairman, company always lays much emphasis on the introduction and cultivation of talents, sincerely digging out excellent talents. By virtue of the strategy of "bringing in" and "going out", company has built a technical team, the core of company's technology, of curiousness, diligence and innovation. All the team members are a guarantee of winning the market competition.

                The greatest wealth of Victory Giant Technology is its progressive, vibrant and innovative employees. Victory Giant Technology insists on the people-oriented management. Company gives full play of staff's initiative and creativity with the strict but scientific management. Company also established the fair and square human resources management system and incentives mechanism, unifying the individual goal and corporate objective. It has created a positive atmosphere of energy and impetus and cultivated numerous senior talents, building an excellent PCB manufacturer team. Let all the members in Victory Giant Technology realize their life values,  hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder.

                Join Victory Giant Technology for a common goal. Let us run our common business together!

                If you always have a youthful heart, with full of love for life and dedication to the cause, please join us to show your own self and achieve self-fulfuillment. Let's work together to create a new miracle!

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