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                Li xi's research in Huizhou: to build a new growth pole on the east bank of the

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                Li Xi,secretary of Guangdong Provincial party committee, visited Huizhou city to learn more about the economic and social development of Huizhou

                Li Xi,secretary of Guangdong Provincial party committee, visited Huizhou city to learn more about the economic and social development of Huizhou,studied in depth the implementation of Xi Jinping’s socialist thought of Chinese characteristics in the new era and the party’s 19thspirit,conscientiously Research work on implemented General Secretary Xi Jinping’s visit to Guangdong’s important instructions to Guangdong,during which he visited VICTORY GIANT TECHNOLOGY (HUI ZHOU)CO.,LTD. from December 2ndto 3rd.


                Li Xi had a detailed understanding of enterprises' production and operation, technology research and development, etc., in VICTORY GIANT TECHNOLOGY.He stressed that the party committee and the government should take supporting the development of private enterprises as an important task, actively serve them with heart, vigorously support the development of private enterprises, and encourage enterprises to rely on themselves, innovate independently, conquer key core technologies and take the initiative in development.


                During the investigation, Li Xi hosted a symposium, listen to Huizhou’s work report, fully affirmed Huizhou earnestly study and implement Xi Jinping’s important speech spirit, the general secretary in accordance with requirements of the provincial party committee, provincial government work, scientific plan development, promoting comprehensively deepen reform and maintain composure, green development is outstanding work sharing, unswervingly promote the comprehensive governing party, to promote economic and social development has made new achievements.

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