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                Vice mayor Yu Jinfu came to solve problems for enterprises

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                vice mayor Yu Jinfu of Huizhou city led the leaders such as wu Huan, director general of Economic and Information Bureau of Huizhou City, Liao wei, director general of Municipal Commerce Bureau, and Chen Dangsheng, deputy director of Huiyang District to v

                In order to further implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi's inspection speech of Guangdong and Secretary Li xi's speech, vice mayor Yu Jinfu of Huizhou city led the leaders such as wu Huan, director general of Economic and Information Bureau of Huizhou City, Liao wei, director general of Municipal Commerce Bureau, and Chen Dangsheng, deputy director of Huiyang District to visit our company to carry out inspection work, field visits to solve problems for the enterprise. Chairman Chen tao, CEO zhao Qixiang, director of Financial Center zhu Guoqiang, director of Administrative management Center zhang Ruping attended the meeting.

                After showing vice mayor Yu and his delegation to visit the smart factory, Chairman Chen introduced the production and operation situation and development plan of the company in detail.Director General Liao and Director General Wu has made a speech, communicate with the import and export of equipment,enterprise tax rebate and other issues. Director General Wu said that he had came to visit Victory Giant Technology several times this year, but every time has a new change.He expected to keep a close touch next year and joint effort to declare a national demonstration unit so that enterprises can enjoy the corresponding policies and promote the development of the private economy.In this process, enterprises constantly put forward good suggestions and opinions to help the government to implement new policies  and provide good services.

                Vice mayor Yu jinfu pointed out that both the central and local governments attach great importance to the private economy. General secretary Xi's inspection speech in Guangdong and secretary Li xi's visit to Huizhou have a clear purpose, that is, to vigorously develop private enterprises. On the one hand, as a benchmark enterprise in Huizhou,  VICTORY GIANT TECHNOLOGY has done a good job in business philosophy, social welfare, party building and other aspects, which cannot be separated from Chairman Chen's habit of summarizing and improving.Vice mayor Yu said that the visit is to help enterprises solve problems, help enterprises toward the goal of $10 billion yuan as soon as possible. We were willing to listen to the existing difficulties that enterprise is facing so that we can  take the initiative to docking, to solve out, to help the enterprise to achieve the goal.We will keep the problem into heart.

                Chairman Chen put forward Suggestions on the coverage of supporting facilities of the Park's pipe network, hoping that the government could do a good job in relieving worries and reducing burdens for enterprises and deal with them quickly.

                Vice mayor Yu understood the problem, immediately said to do a good job in public pipe network supporting work, as a real measure to support the private economy. Huizhou's current important task is to cultivate more billions of enterprises. For most private enterprises, the policies and regulations are not clear enough.Finally, vice mayor Yu pointed out that Chairman Chen never forgot his original intention, and it is commendable to stick to the spirit of industry. In terms of industry, it is more necessary to develop project by project to promote the growth of enterprises. He suggested that VICTORY GIANT TECHNOLOGY should enhance exchanges with universities, carry out cooperation in talent introduction and training, maintain good communication with the government and make VICTORY GIANT TECHNOLOGY a great success.

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