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                TPCA Global Top 100 PCB Entrepreneurs Forum

                更新时间:2019-05-20 14:59:00点击次数:3518次字号:T|T
                Chairman Chen was invited to attend the opening ribbon-cutting ceremony and make a speech on "Persisting in Innovation and Creation to Lead Industry Development"

                On May 15th, 2019, Chairman Chen was invited to attend the opening ribbon-cutting ceremony of CTEX East China PCB Equipment and Material Supply Chain Exhibition, which was held by TPCA in Suzhou, namely the Global Top 100 PCB Entrepreneurs Forum. The chairman of TPCA and GM of Unimicron PCB BU Li Changming、 chairman of Zhen Ding Technology Shen Qingfang、 chairman of Fastprint Qiu Xingya, and others, all of whom are PCB industry magnates, were invited to attend the event.

                At the seminar, chairman Chen made a speech on "insisting on innovation and creation to lead the development of the industry". He gave a brilliant speech from four aspects: the road of change in the PCB industry, innovation and creativity to win the grand development, the coexistence of era changes and crises, and the general situation of enterprise development, which aroused applause from all sides. At the meeting, chairman Chen answered the questions raised by the host TPCA Advisor Ye Xinjin on Printed Circuit Board Industry Specification, issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology at the beginning of this year, from three aspects: Firstly, the state requires that polluting enterprises in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River need to be relocated. The temporary method for enterprises unable to relocate is to retreat five meters from the riverside. Enterprises situated in the ecological zone, with clear regulations on energy consumption, need to migrate slowly, and the protected areas should be closed down directly. Secondly, "Made in China 2025" encourages enterprises to take the road of automation. Enterprises with backward production capacity and increased pollution without paying local taxes must be shut down directly. And some areas of Guangdong have begun to implement it. Last but not least, we should read the "Normative Conditions" carefully, and then we will have a clear understanding of the future layout of enterprises.

                At last, TPCA Chairman Li Changming issued a certificate of appreciation to chairman Chen.


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