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                Victory Giant Technology, with high-end HDI anylayer mass production capability

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                VGT -- empowering development through technology; exaltation and strengthening through benchmarking.

                VGT -- empowering development through technology; exaltation and strengthening through benchmarking.

                HDI interconnection at any layer is a high-density connection technology with a high technical threshold. The main processing difficulties lie in inter-layer alignment, laser ablation, hole-filling plating, fine line processing, etc. At present, the manufacturers with domestic funding, with high process capabilities and large production capacity are mainly Founder Gaomi, VGT, and Goworld. VGT has introduced the top equipment and well-known materials through benchmarking.

                1.Equipment, raw materials, potions:
                (1) Mainstream high-end equipment like laminators, fifth generation laser machines, VCP hole filling, full-process DI equipment, vacuum etching, etc.
                (2) The industry's mainstream high-end HDI material manufacturers in Taiwan, mainland, Japan, etc.
                (3)  Mainstream potion from Germany, Japan, etc.

                2. Process capability:
                (1) Fine line capacity: mass production 40 / 40μm; R&D 35 / 35um;
                (2) Alignment ability: 14L any layer interconnection, laser micro hole D + 5mil;
                (3) Thin core board capability: 50um thin Core capability; 1027/1017 PP layer-adding capability; 10L any layer interconnection product with 0,55mm thickness;
                (4) Laser aperture: Normally Min. 50um; any layer interconnection X-VIA Min 50um;
                (5) BGA Pitch: 0.35mm;
                (6) We already has the mass production capacity of HDI 14L any layer interconnection. mSAP capability system is estimated to be completed in the third quarter of 2020.SLP products and CSP package substrate products will be introduced.

                3. Processing example:
                A variety of 10L-14L HDI any layer interconnection samples have been produced in succession, and the product application fields involve smart phones, high-end tablets, smart watches, etc.

                High-tech, high quality, high-quality services

                Focus on 5G consumer 3C products
                With the prosperity of the PCB industry, production capacity is transferring to mainland China. And the proportion of PCB in mainland China is increasing rapidly from 14% in 2011 to 23% in 2018. PCB factories with domestic funding are actively starting the establishment of HDI factories in 2019 to expand high-level HDI production capacity (Founder, Suntak, Kinwong, ASKPCB, etc.). Due to entry barriers of heavy investment, relatively high technical requirements, environmental protection approval thresholds, for example, electroplating production lines, and especially, the high-end production lines expansion, which need to be prepared 1-2 years in advance, it is impossible to create another new large-scale production capacity in the short term.

                Among the global PCB manufacturers, accelerating the transfer of production capacity to mainland China, VGT is one of the outstanding representatives. During the severe shortage of HDI high-end PCB production capacity in the 5G era, it has prepared the layout of high-end HDI any layer interconnection and capacity one year in advance. The first phase of HDI was successfully put into operation in August 2019 and the monthly capacity was 45,000㎡(3+N+3), and it is expected to produce SLP products with 35,000monthly capacity (mSAP process).

                The newly built smart factory has a high level of automation, ranking a leading position in the world. Per capita efficiency and profitability continue to increase. Owing to Industry 4.0 smart factor and industrial automation production system, VGT can achieve high efficiency, good quality, short delivery time, large production capacity and low cost.

                HDI Factory

                Smart production line
                In terms of talents, VGT has introduced a large number of technical, manufacturing, quality control, and sales personnel with years of high-level HDI production management experience from well-known enterprises in Europe, America and Taiwan, building professional teams. It  has established a sound management system and quality system also. VGT implements batch control, improve the quality traceability system and establish SPC management for key processes (copper thickness distribution, line width/spacing, impedance ...), via benchmarking. All the stuff have set up rigorous quality consciousness in their mind and never to manufacture, accept and flow out the rejects. VGT, market-oriented and customer-centric, is devoted to continuously enhance product quality, after-sales service and customer's satisfaction.


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